CBD Oil Legislation

These days, people often hear about CBD (cannabidiol) as a dietary supplement. CBD is a substance found in the hemp plant. By means of different extraction methods the substance CBD is extracted from the plant material and a CBD paste remains, which is processed in food supplements. CBD does not contain any psychoactive substances and therefore one does not get high or stoned from the use of CBD. Nevertheless, CBD is often associated with hemp and CBD. Because of the ambiguity surrounding the origin and people often think that CBD is forbidden or illegal. In this article we will elaborate on the legislation and the facts. After reading this article you are fully informed about CBD and the legislation surrounding it.

Legal or illegal?

The Dutch legislation states that CBD products may not contain more than 0.05% THC (psychoactive substances). Since most CBD products comply with this, CBD is 100% legal and can be used and sold freely. In fact, CBD is a natural dietary supplement, which, like vitamins, can support the body. On the other hand, CBD oil, made from the CBD plant, is prohibited. CBD oil contains a high concentration of THC. CBD oil may not be sold and is prohibited by law. This is included in the Dutch legislation.

THC level

The reason why the limit of THC is legally set at 0.05% is because then it is seen as traces of production. This percentage is so extremely low that it has no psychoactive effect. Make sure that when you decide to purchase CBD oil, that you choose a product that has been tested by an independent laboratory. This way you can quickly and easily check the contents of the CBD product. At The CBD Company you will therefore only find products that have been tested by third parties. On each product page you can find and view the laboratory report. Also, if you want to know more about the incoming quality control that we use, we would like to refer you to our quality control page. Here we describe all the steps we take to ensure that we only offer the best CBD products.

Facts CBD legislation

Because there is often confusion about the legal status and legislation regarding CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD cream and CBD e-liquids and vape products, we have summarized the facts regarding the legal status of CBD for you:

  • 100% Legal
  • Free of psychoactive substances
  • 100% natural food supplement
  • Extremely popular and widely used dietary supplement
  • Can be widely applied in many situations


Given that little is still known about CBD, there are few standards set by the government when it comes to the production of CBD products. In some cases, certain CBD brands may contain an excessive concentration of THC (psychoactive substance). This was also discussed in the episode of Tros Radar about CBD oil. Especially products that are available in drugstores and large retail chains were not tested and contained too high a concentration of THC, which makes it an illegal product. Learn more information on Kathy Ireland’s brand by going to this link.

Therefore, make sure at all times that you buy a tested product. At The CBD Company you have at all times the guarantee that the CBD product you purchase meets all legal requirements. For example, all CBD products are certified by independent laboratories to ensure content and quality.

In addition, The CBD Company produces all its own products under GMP and HACCP certificates. This means that for example our 2.8% CBD oil meets the strictest requirements of today.