Maintain your Air Conditioning System

A correctly functioning a/c system is important to make you remain comfortable during hot days. If the a/c system is not maintained regularly, it is likely to lose 5 percent effectiveness with each passing year. Regular upkeep is as a result extremely essential. Read this post to obtain an idea on exactly how to preserve your air conditioning system.

Make a checklist for regular upkeep

It is far better to prepare a list with important as well as not so crucial things to do, to ensure that you don’t miss on anything. See to it your list has both the devices (interior as well as outside) pointed out as well as under each device prepare a listing of things to do.

To make it very easy for you, we have prepared a checklist, so that you don’t need to spend those added hours in thinking on what and also exactly how to do.

Checklist – Indoor unit

Check for power cord problem

The cable attaching your a/c unit to the power source might get worn out over a period and also ultimately stops working to provide power to the equipment. Check the condition of the cable by using a volt-ohm-milliammeter (VOM) to examine the capability. If the meter analysis reveals greater than no, it must be changed.

Inspect if power connections to the tools hang. If so, fix them. Additionally, inspect the voltage as well as existing for motors. If you are in question, and incapable to fix, take the aid of qualified specialists.

Clean or change filters each month or more

Periodic cleansing and also replacement of air conditioner filters ensures optimal performance of the system. Filthy as well as clogged up filters cause obstruction to airflow and also therefore hinder the effectiveness of the system.

According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), filters need to be replaced once in every 2 months. By replacing a clogged up filter you can reduce the energy usage of your system by 5-15%.

Clean unclean evaporator coils

The evaporator coil accumulates dust as well as dirt overtime. This buildup reduces air movement. Occasionally, dust insulates the evaporator coil affecting its ability to absorb warmth. Inspecting evaporator coil every year and also cleaning it whenever called for is crucial.

Inspect the levels of refrigerants

Cooling agents are the coolant chemicals. Make sure the amount of cooling agent is balanced. Otherwise so, it makes the devices consume even more power and also thus results in heavy power expenses.

Regularly check the condition of air blower, air-ducts as well as fans

The air blower in your air conditioning unit helps offer air at a comfy level. Make certain to tidy and also keep the blower. Defective blower is likely to impact your devices’s effectiveness by 15%.

Ensure to examine and also clean the duct. Air ducts in good condition will certainly help you get tidy air and operate your ac unit at a greater effectiveness. If the dirt and also dirt buildup is untreated as well as unclear, it will reduce the effectiveness significantly.

Make sure to use the proper quality lubricant for better functionality of the follower electric motor. Further, check the problem of follower belt. Change it once a year to ensure that the belt does not slacken. Slackened belts make your devices much less effective.

List – Outside device

Get rid of plants around exterior air compressor

Maintain area around the outside air compressor clean – devoid of dirt, plant components such as leaves and also branches as they block appropriate warmth exchange and also airflow. Make sure to leave a few feet space around the equipment devoid of any kind of blockages.

Get rid of debris from condenser coils

The condenser coil likewise accumulates dirt over a time. Dirt collects on fins of the condenser coils. It is severe when the location around is prone to get dirty because of presence of trees. As a result, cleansing the area nearby, and regularly cutting the longer branches causes better maintenance of the condenser.

Check if condenser follower is well balanced

Examine the problem of the condenser follower. If it is not well balanced, it causes uneven motion and also vibration resulting in breaking. Additionally, look for the follower bearings. Damaged bearings can harm the equipment. See to it you change them in such an instance.

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