How to create an interior design project

The development of an interior design project is always a creative process, and many of our customers find it mysterious.

Sometimes from the first glance at the layout people have a question: how could you come up with such a design – so simple, convenient, meets a variety of requirements that do not always seem to agree with each other.

Of course, interior design is not an area that can easily be described in words, but there are also such algorithms in our work, which we are happy to describe here.

Where to start or the importance of getting to know each other

If you want to order an interior design project, you need to make the first step – to call or write to us on the site, the first step for us will be to get acquainted with you and your room.

It is important for us to know the nature of the customer, taste, temperament and lifestyle before you start working with the project, so that in the future you feel comfortable in the new interior. At this stage, each designer is a bit of a psychologist.

Don’t hide anything from us, it is really important for us to get to know you and your family in order to offer the best options for organizing the space.

At the stage of acquaintance we discuss all the nuances – from wishes to the budget of the project, whether you want to entrust us only with the sketch or design of the entire interior on a turnkey basis. On the basis of an oral agreement, we sign a contract, which specifies all the conditions, cost of services, terms.

When your wishes are our inspiration

Despite the fact that first of all we evaluate technical parameters of the premises, your requirements and the possibility of their implementation, each project is the answer to all your dreams and wishes. Our customers sometimes suggest such details, which rarely can be thought up by a designer himself.

There is also a downside to it – we are convinced that many of our customers do not take into account the important trifles that can affect the mood, comfort and functionality of the premises. Here it is very important to hear each other, and then on the basis of your wishes and our proposals the ideal interior will be born, which will start with the specification and then move to the design project.

The interior design project is based on several important principles:

  • We are you: we take your place, learn to see the world through your eyes a little bit, to imagine what kind of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or working spaces you would like to see. Personal contact and your stories about your family and the people who will live in the new interior are very helpful here. For example, we design the kitchen not only with the laws of ergonomics and functionality in mind, but also with an understanding of how often it will be cooked here, who cooks in the family, how much time each member of the family spends in this room and how exactly this room is used. This is important because many modern hostesses, for example, even work directly in the kitchen, combining household chores with professional self-realization.
  • Your comfort is our goal: we look at all the rooms in terms of the possibility of building built-in wardrobes, hidden and visible storage areas to make the most of the space for your comfort. Own production of furniture allowed us to significantly expand not only the range of items, but also the functionality of the environment. Manufacture of furniture according to individual parameters for a specific project has answered many questions. Without this, the creation of interior design still had its limitations.
  • Your aesthetic satisfaction is our concern: in the new interior everything should be not only convenient, but also attractive. It is important that you like your apartment or house, so that you hurry back there, so that every corner of the house evokes a response from you. This is the only way you will feel this interior with your own. To achieve this result, we work a lot on visualization: we think, draw, draw, draw, plan, evaluate, criticize ourselves, read your wishes again, think and draw to achieve the result that will really give you pleasure.

The development of an interior design project does not end there. Even when the drawings and layouts are ready, we continue to work – we select materials, furniture and equipment for the project.

Together with our customers, we travel to the salons and shops to see and touch the design project. Of course, the ideal development of the process is the implementation of the design project by us. It is in this case that we get full satisfaction and rejoice at the result – when we see the completion of the work, having the opportunity to influence it.

In this case, together with you, we go from your dream to the real embodiment of the interior in the smallest details. This is the most pleasant and the most important thing in our work – to realize your dreams!