Guide to CBD Products

How to use CBD? has a wide range of CBD products. After you have made the choice to purchase CBD, the next step comes: choosing the right CBD product. One of the factors that can influence this choice process is how each product should be used. We’ll explain that in this article.

CBD oil usage instructions

CBD oil is by far the most popular and well-known CBD product. The major advantage of oil is its ease of use. In addition, CBD oils are available in different strengths and compositions. For example, we distinguish between CBD oil Pure (formerly Organic) and CBD oil RAW. Also the terms full spectrum, for an oil that still contains all cannabinoids, and isolate, for an oil that only contains CBD, are used.

Another great advantage of CBD oil is that you can easily adjust the dosage so that you reach the right dose for you.

The recommended method of taking CBD oil is by using a pipette, which you use to drip a certain amount of drops under your tongue. In this way, the components of the CBD oil are absorbed into your blood as quickly as possible. This is because the CBD is absorbed through your oral mucosa. The CBD is then not broken down by your stomach acid and therefore this method of ingestion is very effective.

After dripping, it is important to let it rest under your tongue for 30 seconds. Then swallow it with a glass of water.

Some people do not like the taste of the oil, in which case it is an option to mix the oil through your food or drink. It is even possible to cook dishes with CBD oil. There is, however, a small disadvantage to this method of use. It takes longer for your body to absorb the CBD, because it now goes through your stomach instead of oral mucosa. This method of ingestion is slightly less effective because your stomach acid partially breaks it down before it gets into your bloodstream. In addition, heating can cause the active cannabinoids to be lost.

CBD paste usage instructions.

In general, CBD paste is the strongest CBD product available on the market. Therefore, this is its major advantage, especially for people who need higher concentrations. Should there be a need for a lighter concentration, the paste can always be diluted with, for example, olive oil or another oil of your choice.

CBD pastes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your preference. For example, you can also find CBD paste RAW.

Like the oil, the paste is best applied under the tongue. Let it rest here for at least 60 seconds before swallowing with a glass of water. As with CBD oil, this is how your body absorbs the CBD best.

It is also possible to mix the paste in a glass of water or through your food. Of course, with this method of use, the same applies as with the CBD oil. It takes longer this way for it to enter your bloodstream.

Finally, you can also apply CBD paste to your skin because it is a syrupy substance. You simply smear a small amount of paste on a specific area. Find out more information on cbd oil reviews by going to this link.

CBD capsule instructions for use

The capsules from Renova, Medihemp , Jacob Hooy or Endoca are ideal for people who find the taste of the oil and paste unpleasant. Because of the capsule, the taste of the CBD does not enter the mouth, but the oil is only released in the stomach. Also, the capsules are suitable for people who are on the road a lot, because they are easy to carry.

CBD capsules can be compared to CBD oils, because the capsules contain just the same oil as in a bottle. Dosing is very easy, each capsule contains a specific amount of CBD. However, there is a disadvantage to this, because it is more difficult to achieve a very precise dose. In that case, you can combine the capsules with an oil, for example.

Another big advantage of capsules is keeping track of your dosage. The CBD from the capsules will be present in your bloodstream for up to 24 hours, much longer than other CBD products.

The capsules are easiest to take with a large glass of water. Of course, the CBD goes to your stomach this way, so it takes longer for the CBD to enter your bloodstream. In addition, a small amount of CBD is broken down by your stomach.