Commandments for drilling on TikTok

TikTok benefits from an increase hallucinating for almost a year, and now seems unavoidable, especially among the youngest. Because of its relative youth and the way it works, it is undoubtedly one of the social networks where it is the easiest to “break through” to date. Here are the 7 commandments to get there.

For several months now, TikTok has been growing steadily. The application, which used to only list dance or playback videos (notably because of its roots) now seems to have imposed itself on the young and not so young, pushed by the generalized confinement from which a large part of the world is gradually recovering.

The success of the application of short videos propelled by the Chinese firm Bytedance is now such that it would now threaten even the giant of streaming video: YouTube. A recent Qustodio report conducted among children aged 4 to 15 years old from nearly 60,000 families in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom reveals that they would spend nearly 80 minutes a day, on average, on TikTok, compared to 85 minutes on YouTube.

While Google’s video platform is still in the lead, its consumption is declining among this segment of the population, while the use of TikTok is exploding. At the time of writing, the application would have been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide.

Above all, the application that seems to have taken the place of the late Vine, to the point of worrying YouTube, seems to offer the perfect opportunity for those who were struggling with the algorithm of the platform with the big red button. Its algorithm, which is quite different from what we were used to, makes it possible to stand out from the crowd quite easily, and very quickly collect a few thousand or even tens of thousands of views.

But of course, like any social network, TikTok has its own particularities that you have to grasp in order to succeed. Here’s how, with a few tricks, you could become a future star of the platform. To your notebooks!

Fill in your profile you will

Creating a viral video is good. Attracting subscribers is better. Indeed, a video that exploded the view counter will not guarantee you to attract subscribers to your profile in a perennial way. That’s why the first thing to do, when you start on TikTok, is to take care of your profile a little bit.

Profile Given its small size, don’t hesitate to capture a photo that is easy to read, and above all, use bright colors to encourage users to click.

On the profile itself, you should of course include a brief description of your account, using emojis (but not abusing them) to make it more friendly. A well-found punchline that summarizes your content rather well can also amuse users and get them to subscribe to your account. Finally, don’t forget to fill in the social network fields, where you can link to both your Instagram and YouTube account.

Take care of your videos you will make

On TikTok, the smartphone is preferred for filming, since it is with the application that you can add effects, texts, filters or any other editing element. Thus, a smartphone offering good video quality remains essential if you really want to get users to subscribe to your account. A few tips can drastically improve the quality of your content, such as lighting.

Light up your scenes well, favor fixed shots, and your content will already look much more professional. Afterwards, Tiktok offers a plethora of “beauty effects” to correct the brightness of the image, or filters to give it a more original look. Of course, don’t overuse them to avoid making the image unreadable. Finally, don’t forget to rotate the image vertically (9:16 format) in order to take up as much space as possible on the screen.

(Really) short videos you will make

Of course, it is possible to realize up to 60 seconds on TikTok. Nevertheless, this duration seems too long to keep the viewers in suspense until the end, which could impact your Watch time (the portion of the video watched on average by users) and probably your potential virality. We can’t advise you too much to start with videos that are around 15 seconds long, which is the preferred format for videos that hit the application. Once your community is formed, you will have more fun extending your productions.

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