Tips for air conditioning maintenance

Proper maintenance of the air conditioning ensures optimal operation and prolongs the life of the equipment, as well as helping to save energy and prevent the accumulation of bad odors and moisture.

Cleaning the filter, cleaning the outdoor unit battery and checking the refrigerant gas levels are the three basic pillars of air conditioning maintenance.

To these should be added one more, the protection in times of prolonged standstill, which involves a review and a general cleaning of the equipment at the beginning of each season (before summer if we use the machine in cold mode and before winter if we use the heat mode).

Air conditioning maintenance: cleaning of the indoor unit

Cleaning the indoor unit ensures good maintenance of the air conditioning. The process is quite simple and involves cleaning the outside of the split as well as the filters and drainage of the unit. The aim is to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the machine, hindering its performance, causing higher electricity consumption and causing breakdowns.

The interior unit is cleaned with warm water and soap, turning off the unit before the current and taking care not to damage delicate components such as the coils.

The cleanliness of the filters of the air conditioning deserves separate mention because it is very important. Dust particles accumulate in the filters and, when this happens in excess, lint is produced that restricts the flow of air causing the device to work in a forced manner.

The recommendation is to clean the filters once a year or at the beginning of each season. Just open the air conditioning cover, remove the filters and clean them with a vacuum cleaner or cold water. Experts advise not to use chemicals (bleaches, disinfectants, perfumed soaps, etc.) and let them dry in the air but never in the sun, as they could deform and not fit well when putting them again.

With regard to drainage, its cleaning and draining is necessary to avoid the accumulation of dirty water and the appearance of bacteria and bad smells. It is advisable to carry out this check at least once a month.

Air conditioning maintenance: cleaning of the outdoor unit

In the outdoor unit you will find some of the main components of the air conditioning such as the fan, compressor or heat exchanger. Checking them regularly has two objectives: to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to detect external elements that obstruct the ducts. A visual inspection of the ducts will help you detect these obstructions and blockages.

Optimal air conditioning maintenance also involves checking the equipment for leaks or loss of refrigerant gas.

In any case, if you detect that your air conditioning does not cool or cools little, that the copper pipe in the outdoor unit has frozen or that the indoor unit leaks excessively, it is possible that your air conditioning unit lacks gas and needs to be maintained.

Tips to improve your air conditioning maintenance

  • Although we can do the basic cleaning of the filters ourselves, it is a good idea to have the general air conditioning maintained by a professional. He or she will check the refrigerant levels, the condition of the coils or the amount of flow of the cooling serpertines. These three elements in bad condition can reduce the efficiency of the unit up to 40%.
  • Some air conditioners have a device (usually a light) that indicates when the filters should be cleaned depending on where they are located (houses at street level, bedrooms, spaces with carpets, etc.). If your air conditioner has this option, activate it, as it may be useful to you.
  • When cleaning the air conditioning filters, always consult the user’s manual and the manufacturer’s instructions for clear disassembly and the type of products you can use.
  • In order to improve the maintenance of the air conditioning and prolong its useful life we must maintain a constant temperature of 24°C or 25°C. At this temperature comfort is guaranteed and the work, wear and consumption of the equipment is lower.
  • Observe if the unit emits noise. The current air conditioners are quite silent. When they produce noise it can be indicative of operating problems, gas leaks or cracks in the ducts.
  • Take advantage of the sleep function. Some air conditioning systems incorporate a sleep function ideal for hours of sleep that maintains the temperature and lowers the work of the team. Keeping the fan set to automatic mode, especially when you are not at home, also increases the life of the equipment.
  • Fine-tuning. In addition to cleaning the indoor and outdoor units, there are other actions such as lubricating and overhauling motors, checking the diffusers or changing overheated lines linked to the use of air conditioning. All these aspects must be taken into account when setting up the equipment.

Periodic checks for air conditioning maintenance must be carried out by an approved technician who checks not only the correct functioning of each element, but also that energy consumption and pressure is as indicated by the manufacturer.

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